fitness tracker


monitor your
horse's health

Real-time data allows you to monitor your horse’s health, exercise intensity and performance levels. Our smart fabric technology gives easy access to heart rate and recovery, providing true insight into your horse’s fitness, stress and fatigue.

the simple
equine tracker

Simple to use, slip-on smart fabric girth sleeve. Fitting takes just a few minutes, and the lightweight sleeve is completely washable.

for all horse owners
and trainers

This game-changing affordable equine fitness tracker brings real-time data insights to everyone, from horse owner and rider to trainer. Speed and distance tracking, along with key health and fitness indicators will help you care for your horse and maximise performance.

tested on elite

The Enduro GS has been vigorously tested on elite thoroughbred racehorses. Developing a product that is lightweight, comfortable and undetectable to the horse with no exposed parts or wires was key.

live data

to the app

Gauge fitness levels in real time with live access to heart rate, speed and distance data. Thanks to our secure storage, you can replay and share the session’s data, helping you to fully understand the health and true potential of your horse.

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simple to use

in all weathers

Designed for ease of use, the simple ‘on sleeve’ instructions ensure that riders can fit the sleeve quickly and correctly. The Enduro was developed alongside racehorse trainers, vets and equine experts and has been tested in all conditions on elite thoroughbred racehorses.


fabric technology

The technology can withstand all weather conditions and is suitable for all equine disciplines. The sleeve’s fabric is hard-wearing, washable and acts as a barrier to sweat, therefore minimising cross contamination between horses that are sharing equipment. A patent application has been filed for the girth sleeve’s unique and innovative design.

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The long battery life heart rate sensor automatically connects to the app when the sleeve touches the horse’s skin, instantly revealing the resting heart rate.

The sensor, which should be removed before washing the sleeve, will automatically power down when removed from the horse.