game-changing equine fitness tracking

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reliable and accurate equine heart rate monitoring

  • Train smarter
  • Understand your horse’s heart rate
  • Monitor your horse’s exercise and fitness
  • Analyse data trends for improved performance
  • Help understand your horse’s true potential

the enduro equine heart rate monitor

The Enduro Equine Heart Rate Monitor delivers real time heart rate data of your horse at rest, during exercise and recovery.

Easy to use, no wires and no fuss!

Combine the Enduro Equine Heart Rate Monitor with the Enduro FIT Equine Ride Tracker App to deliver true fitness insights to the palm of your hand.

Connect to your favourite Garmin, Polar or Apple smartwatch to view your horse’s heart rate during your ride without looking at your phone.


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the smart way to ride

  • Track your rides
  • Improve your horse’s exercise and training
  • Monitor your horse’s progress
  • Reach your goals
  • Stay connected to friends and family
  • Join the equine tech revolution!

enduro fit equine ride tracker mobile app

FREE to download, the game-changing Enduro FIT Equine Ride Tracker app brings real-time data insights for horse owners, riders and trainers.

Instantaneous heart rate, speed, distance and location of your horse throughout the ride is recorded on the Enduro FIT Equine Ride Tracker App.

Replay, review, and share your rides with your friends, trainer or coach.


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track your rides

Gauge fitness levels in real time with live access to heart rate, speed and distance data. Thanks to our secure storage, you can replay and share the session’s data anytime on the Enduro FIT Equine Ride Tracker mobile app, helping you to get a better understanding of the health and fitness levels of your horse.

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for all equestrian disciplines

equine heart rate monitor

The Enduro Equine Heart Rate Monitor is affordable, simple to use, and has a long battery life. Measure your horse’s heart rate at rest, during exercise, and recovery. Real-time data is sent wirelessly to the Enduro FIT Ride Tracker app for true fitness insights.

smart fabric girth sleeve

made in uk

Innovative smart fabric girth sleeve with snap-on low power wireless sensor that connects to the Enduro FIT app and your favourite smartwatch! No wires, no rubbing, no fuss! Developed alongside riders, trainers and vets. Tested on racehorses up to 60km/h and long distance rides up to 160km. A patent application has been filed for the girth sleeve’s unique and innovative design.

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"It is so easy to use and is really helping me with his training programme and fitness for competition. I can easily see how his fitness has improved with his recovery rates rapidly improving and his heart rate remaining relatively constant through his session." Fiona Bloom

"Using Enduro Equine Fitness Tracking helps me train better, be more competitive and be more successful but it also gives me welfare benefits for the horse – knowing that the horse may not be injured or in pain by showing a high heart rate". Nicola Thorne