equine fitness tracker

Intelligent, affordable, and easy to use technology to monitor your horse’s health and fitness.

  • 1 x Enduro GS – Smart fabric equine girth sleeve
  • 1 x Enduro HR – Wireless heart rate sensor (incl. battery)
  • FREE Enduro FIT App

We currently ship to UK Mainland only.  For overseas enquiries please email hello@endurolabs.co.uk





Game-changing affordable Equine Fitness Tracker bringing real-time data insights to horse owners, riders, trainers and equine professionals.   Suitable for all equine disciplines. Waterproof, designed for all weather conditions.

Equine Fitness Tracker solution includes:

Enduro GS – Smart fabric equine girth sleeve

  • Smart substitute to replace traditional equine girth sleeves.
  • Lightweight, soft cushioned, equine friendly sleeve to prevent rubbing, chafing or snagging; it has no wires, straps or velcro.
  • On-sleeve user instructions.
  • Girth sleeve is 80cm (31.5”) in length and suitable for use with standard girths with widths between 7.5cm (3”) and 12cm (4.75”). Please email hello@endurolabs.co.uk if you require other sizes.

Enduro HR – Wireless heart rate sensor

  • Attaches to Enduro GS and measures your horse’s heart rate. Real-time data wirelessly sent to your Enduro FIT mobile app.
  • Battery life 6mo+ when exercising your horse an hour per day.
  • No charging required. Battery included.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0+ smartphones.

Enduro FIT – Equine Fitness Tracker mobile App

  • Compatible with Android 8 or iOS 13.x or later.
  • Download Enduro FIT from App Store or Google Play.

Important – The Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker is for fitness tracking guidance only and should not be used instead of professional equine veterinary advice or equine medical equipment. If you have any health concerns for your horse please contact your local equine vet as normal.