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Using the Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker helps me train better, be more competitive and be more successful but it also gives me welfare benefits for the horse – knowing that the horse may not be injured or in pain by showing a high heart rate.

I absolutely love how unbelievably easy it is to use.  I really need something that I can just put on the horse, isn’t not going to be tangled up with wires and find it difficult to use, isn’t complicated to set up, so I just pop it straight on the girth sleeve – straight on the horse as you tack up as normal.  The girth sleeve is super comfy and gentle for the horse.  There’s no sharp edges, there’s nothing that can rub, no stitching that could cause you a problem over a long distance and away you go!

It’s a Game-Changer!!


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“I’ve been using the Enduro Equine Fitness tracker on my young horse for several weeks. It is so easy to use and is really helping me with his training programme and fitness for competition. I can easily see how his fitness has improved with his recovery rates rapidly improving and his heart rate remaining relatively constant through his session. If I see a higher than usual heart rate I can easily scroll back through the session, pin point on the route where it was and understand why… a steep hill, or one of those ‘monsters in the hedge’! Seeing the consistency during competition has shown me his preparation so far has been appropriate, and it will be of great benefit as he goes through the levels. No wires, no fuss, no problems on my sensitive skinned soul!”


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“For me the Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker has become an indispensable training tool. It’s simple and easy to use, the data provided is highly beneficial when assessing each individual horse and the historical data can be accessed quickly to establish progress. Could not recommend more.”


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“Got to say, we’ve really enjoyed using the Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker on our top horse, Desert Flower, in the build up to Royal Windsor. Having also used it in competition, it’s proved to be a great way of saving precious seconds coming into the vet holds. It’s been so easy to use and even after 80km, the girth sleeve didn’t move or rub! It’s been so easy to use and super helpful having the ‘here & now info’ at your fingertips.”


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This was our first ride using the Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker in competition and we are so pleased with the data it has provided. Being able to compare the results with another horse has given a real insight into our young horse’s first 80km vs a more seasoned horse.

The tracker gives qualitative data which we could never obtain before and we feel it will be valuable going forwards allowing us to tailor our training sessions more appropriately according to live & recorded data.


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Following our incredible win at Windsor CEI** 120km endurance ride, the Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker was invaluable in monitoring her heart rate during the ride and gave us all the information we needed when entering the vet gates. Pleased to report no rubs using the same sleeve for the complete 120k!


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I’ve been using Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker for the past 3 months. It’s so easy to use and the girth sleeve has shown no sign of rubbing the horses.

It has been especially useful in the latter parts of our training to optimise the most comfortable speeds for Kracker in our preparation for Royal Windsor Endurance CEI 120km race. For that little bit extra in the fine tuning of his training.

This all paid off with an excellent 2nd place, excellent presentation times that improved at each vet gate and all importantly a happy horse that finished strong and able to continue further if asked.



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The Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker is proving useful in checking and improving the fitness of my two endurance horses. One is a novice and the other is advanced. It is useful to compare heart rates when they both do the same piece of work. The device is easy to use and look after, providing you with a permanent record of your horse’s activity


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I’ve found the Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker a brilliant training and competition tool that helps monitor horse fitness both in real-time and to look back at post-exercise.

It’s so quick and simple to use I love being able to just slide it on, saddle up and go without any hassle but with all the benefits the tracker has to offer.


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I’m so pleased with how much information can be fed back from the app. It’s really helpful that the heart rate monitor also works on my Garmin watch and it was so useful at Keysoe endurance ride being able to see his heart rate drop until the minute his saddle was taken off meaning we knew how he was settling before presenting him to the vetting. 

I had a constant reading all day and it’s so easy to use.  Fab product! 


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The Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker has been a game changer to my pre-eventing season fitness work. I can monitor and track Kate’s heart rate (HR) whilst hacking and completing fast work and can easily monitor via the phone app how quickly she recovers from canter work and also compare this to previous fitness sessions.

I can see in real-time exactly what the HR says, whatever we are doing, either flat work, jumping, hacking or fast work and where we are with the recovery and how quickly the recovery is, this also enables me to adjust our fitness plan accordingly if required. The girth sleeve is an excellent piece of technology, easy to use and doesn’t slip or slide, with no wires which generates a HR live straight to the Phone app.

The Enduro FIT app is really easy to use and provides accurate data including time and date and also provides a map and satellite view of location, whilst providing live speed and distance too. I’m able to track our fast work speed / distance vs what is required for each eventing level we are competing at.

It’s going to be exceptional piece of kit not only for national eventing fitness but when we start fitness training for FEI International 2* short and long format.


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I have been using the Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker for a couple of months only and was amazed how easy it was to use and to link to my Garmin so that I can track Raf’s heart rate as we are going along in training.  It makes the training more interesting and it is great to watch how he is getting fitter.  It makes me more comfortable knowing that when we enter a ride that he is more than capable of completing.  This was borne out at our first ride with the tracker at Pembrey in the 64K Welsh Open Championship where he won! I don’t know how I ever managed without it now.


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The Enduro Equine Heart Rate Monitor has been an extremely valuable tool in monitoring my training at home and on competition day.

It’s great to know that I’m getting to know my horse better because of it and I am confident of going further in Endurance because of it!


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